Blockchain truly is a revolutionary mechanism to bring everyone to the highest degree of accountability. Above anything else, the most critical application of Blockchain technology is to guarantee the validity of a transaction by recording it on a distributed system of registers, all of which are interconnected through a secure time-stamped mechanism. In today's digital information age, Blockchain represents a critical intersection between the financial world, social networking, and powerful decentralized networks. Stakeholders must formulate careful legal and business strategies that factor in the technology and infrastructure, as well as the corresponding market appetite and regulatory structures in rapidly evolving global markets.

This Blockchain Technology Conference to be held on August 31, 2018 in Washington DC aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain technology by focusing on how to address the implementation challenges, make best use of the opportunities and benefit from the innovation and disruption that this technology brings along.


The event features an inspiring day of expert talks and solution based discussion by professional speakers focused on Blockchain technology and Innovation. The speaker session will be based on the latest trends and opportunities, challenges and the best practices in Blockchain implementation.


Friday, 31 August, 2018
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When it comes to emerging technologies like blockchain, process and speed of which the government adopts the technology is immensely different from that of the private sector. While the government as an enterprise does not have the same level of risk tolerance for technology investments, it often plays an important role for continued incubation and success of emerging technologies through public-private partnership initiatives. An overview of the current landscape and outlook for blockchain technology in the public sector will be discussed. - Daniel Yim, Principal, Noblis
The legal and regulatory structures affecting blockchain/cryptocurrencies including ICOs/STOs. Intellectual property and blockchain. Security of the blockchain and quantum computers. - Thomas Gross, Attorney, Cogent Law Firm
In the last 15 years or so, we have experienced a significant business transformation because of open-source software, cloud, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). These are not just buzzwords anymore because enterprises have adopted various technologies that fall under the umbrella of these terms. Blockchain is at the same place where the cloud and big data were several years ago. For most people, their first impression of the term “blockchain” was in relation to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. If you are using blockchain already or have read about it, though, then there is a basic question: “How can I use blockchain in my enterprise?” - Neeraj Sabharwal, Co-Founder, Fluence.sh
Blockchain technology isn’t new, and isn’t a panacea – however, understanding how to use it as a solution ingredient, and where it’s best suited for specific scenarios, has never been more important as the hype gives way to practical applications. This session will provide a real-world guide to blockchain technology.
Blockchain: a Landscape - Xiaochen Zhang, President, FinTech4Good
Blockchain technologies such as Smart Contracts present an opportunity to monetize knowledge sharing. During this presentation, I will walk you through how to build a Decentralized App (application running on Blockchain) that will make use of a Quora-like web application to post questions and pay members whose answers are the most voted. We will use the open source Hyperledger Fabric to build the applications on AWS Cloud. - Srini Karlekar, Director Specialist, KPMG
Travel is made possible by transactions between travelers and the businesses providing goods and services to those travelers. Booking a transportation ticket, visiting a national park, and eating at a local diner are typical transactions while traveling. The travel industry is certainly thriving throughout the world having had gone through many transformations over the years. The most recent dramatic change was the rise of the Internet and the resultant shift of much of the industry to the world wide web. Yet, many problems still remain that affect both the travelers as well as the businesses. These include sustainability, exposure, reviews, fees, fraud, identify theft, lack of trust, among many others. Using a combination of blockchain, smart contracts, and AI, the problems can be eliminated. - Mohammad Saiid Paryavi, Chairman and CEO, GoneTrippin, Inc.
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain tapped into the ability to stimulate business development, productivity, and equity by the nature of its both fresh & unique diplomatic geopolitical impact that intriguingly has nothing to with the market price value of a coin or token, but however, tackles a much bigger and more important obstacle. This paves the way for the unprecedented diplomacy in business I will speak of which completely defies's all social, racial, and cultural constraints or boundaries be it historical or not. Furthermore what in the future can be achieved by such powerful forces invoked when leveraging the groundbreaking implementation of technology in the current Crypto industry. Blockchain has begun to synergize the world in a diplomatic way by the stimulation of commerce and business internationally we never viewed possible prior to the last 18 months or so and now appears blatantly imminent using this inherited business diplomacy and monster impact around each industry in each country in the world geopolitically. - Jonny Blaker, Blockchain Advisory Board, Altcourt.org
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