DevOps in practice has created newer opportunities as well as posed several challenges in the recent years at enterprise level. One of manychallenges is sustaining quality while keeping up with the demand to deliver superior business value iteratively and speedily to the end user or customer. As a result, “Test” is gaining much more importance and momentum in the DevOps world.

DevOps, which in the simplest of terms means integration of software or technology operations with the development process, is now emerging into a new paradigm of “Dev-Test-Ops”.

The Rev Up DevOps conference will be organised in Chennai on 16th November, 2018.  The Conference is based on emerging theme of “Enterprise DevTestOps”, aims to address the imperative need of demystifying the concept of “DevTestOps” for the success of DevOps adoption at the Enterprise level.


The conference targets to feature presentation and discussion sessions by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in DevOps highlighting implementation challenges and their solutions. The conference presentations by expert speakers will make it easier to understand how DevOps can successfully bring cross-functional business units together for delivering business results speedily in the Agile environment.


Enterprise DevTestOps

Friday, 16 November, 2018
Opening and Welcome Note
Full Stack DevOps -Everything You Need to Know to Do DevOps from Monday - Kapil Apshankar, Chief Architect and Global Leader - Application Modernization, Cognizant
Digital Transformation in IT Enterprise Services - Syed Hassan, Director - IT - Enterprise Services, DXC Technology
DevOPS @scale for micro services - how build and test happens at scale - Satish Chandran, Director, GAIN Credit
Immutable Infrastructure through Infra-as-a-code - Nandu Muralidharan, Founder & CEO - DigitalXC Inc, DigitalXC
Cultivating DevOps culture using Gamification - Shylaja Krishnakurup, Delivery Head – VES, Verizon Data Services
DevOps Framework and Implementation Challenges - Padmapriya Devarajan, IC-Agile Accredited Agile Coach trainer, KnowledgeHut
Digital Transformation in IT Enterprise Services - Mahesh Varadharajan, Enterprise Agile Coach, Accenture
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