DevOps in practice has created newer opportunities as well as posed several challenges in the recent years at enterprise level. One of manychallenges is sustaining quality while keeping up with the demand to deliver superior business value iteratively and speedily to the end user or customer. As a result, “Test” is gaining much more importance and momentum in the DevOps world.

DevOps, which in the simplest of terms means integration of software or technology operations with the development process, is now emerging into a new paradigm of “Dev-Test-Ops”.

The Rev Up DevOps conference will be organised in Bangalore on 12 October, 2018.  The Conference is based on emerging theme of “Enterprise DevTestOps”, aims to address the imperative need of demystifying the concept of “DevTestOps” for the success of DevOps adoption at the Enterprise level.


The conference targets to feature presentation and discussion sessions by recognized global practitioners and experts across Technology development, testing, quality, operations functions alongside all those with a larger interest in DevOps as a Global phenomenon and force to reckon with.


Enterprise DevTestOps

Friday, 12 October, 2018
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DevOps has many nuances, different definitions, a myriad of tools and multiple imperatives. This session will teach you everything you need to know about DevOps, so that you can start doing DevOps from Monday. The session will dive deep into how to DevOps, no matter what your role is, what domain you work on and what architecture and technology you use. You'll learn about the building blocks of DevOps, the relationship between DevOps and Agile, the cardinal sins of DevOps and what it means to DevOps-ify your job and your career. - Kapil Apshankar, Chief Architect and Global Leader - Application Modernization, Cognizant
10 Imperatives for DevTestOps - Ravishankar N, DevOps Consultant and Enterprise Agile Coach, Tata Consultancy Services
The Agile - Devops Symphony: Leading Agile and DevOps transformation - Parashuram Bellikatti, Program Director - Global Agile Centre of Excellence, Mindtree
Continuous Testing has become imperative if we need to meet our outcome to deliver faster & being stable at the same time. The topic covers how to bring in Quality, security, functional & performance testing early in the life cycle and how we can use that to drive correct behaviors. - Adarsh Mehrotra, Principal Consultant,  Infosys
How to switch on DevOps in an Enterprise - Arun Narayanaswamy, Director Engineering, Amadeus Labs
DevTestOps for Enterprise Digital Transformation - Bebin Suresh C, Global Automation Leader, Capgemini
Continuous Security in DevOps - Sushma C, Program Director, IBM GTS Labs
This session is focused on running containerized application on Kubernetes and Docker containers orchestration. you will learn containers, images, Dockerfile, Docker registry, kubernetes concepts like deploying Docker containers, Pods, Scaling Pods, Creating services, Deployment, roll forward and rollback and more. - Murughan Palaniachari, DevOps Coach & Blockchain Consultant, Pingala Software
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