DevOps in practice has created newer opportunities as well as posed several challenges in the recent years at enterprise level. One of manychallenges is sustaining quality while keeping up with the demand to deliver superior business value iteratively and speedily to the end user or customer. As a result, “Test” is gaining much more importance and momentum in the DevOps world.

DevOps, which in the simplest of terms means integration of software or technology operations with the development process, is now emerging into a new paradigm of “Dev-Test-Ops”.

The Rev Up DevOps conference will be organised in Pune on the 20 July, 2018.  The Conference is based on emerging theme of “Enterprise DevTestOps”, aims to address the imperative need of demystifying the concept of “DevTestOps” for the success of DevOps adoption at the Enterprise level.


The conference targets to feature presentation and discussion sessions by recognized global practitioners and experts across Technology development, testing, quality, operations functions alongside all those with a larger interest in DevOps as a Global phenomenon and force to reckon with.


Enterprise DevTestOps

Friday, 20 July, 2018
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DevOps has many nuances, different definitions, a myriad of tools and multiple imperatives. This session will teach you everything you need to know about DevOps, so that you can start doing DevOps from Monday. The session will dive deep into how to DevOps, no matter what your role is, what domain you work on and what architecture and technology you use. You'll learn about the building blocks of DevOps, the relationship between DevOps and Agile, the cardinal sins of DevOps and what it means to DevOps-ify your job and your career. - Kapil Apshankar, Chief Architect and Global Leader - Application Modernization, Cognizant
While every organization is trying to adapt the DevOps way of working, the focus is around automation, tooling, lean Product Management, the organization are still operating with the same old Organization structures which aren't enabling them to fully utilize the Potential of the DevOps modus operandi. When Larry Page says that "Google isn't a conventional company and they don't intend to become one", he has kept the his options open to adapt to the operating models which make sense for them to dishing out world changing products one after the other. We need to make our organizations work with models that enable Development, Testing, Operations, IT Security functions to come together and start razing their silos down! - Mayuresh Deshpande, Head, Agile Coaching Practice, Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd
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Starting from Ops in the journey to devops in a multi vendor multi technology operations management to manage costs and complexity. - Amitesh Raj, Head – Application Operations, Vodafone India Services Private Ltd.
While we have a embarked on the revolutionary journey of DevOps adoption at a global scale which is unprecedented since the dot com revolution way back, the skills for the Modern Professionals has been significantly transformed as well. Digital Transformation is just not only real but accelerating at a rapid pace. At this time, there is tremendous skilling, upskilling, reskilling, cross-skilling requirement to create an ecosystem of Multifaceted SQUADS in each and every Enterprises and teams. I'll showcase the core aspects of this proven digital skills adoption and will touch upon some key trends,insights across Industries to share with the audience to take back as a VALUABLE learning to initiate, navigate their Continuous Learning path in this Digital age - Dheeraj Nayal, APAC Business Relationship Manager, DevOps Institute
Digital technologies are creating a wave of industry and economic disruptions. Business Leaders are looking forward to digitally reinvent their enterprise with a fundamental reimagining of how they operate and how they engage with their environment. The topic outlines implementation of a DevOps reference architecture to help these enterprises drive measurable outcomes and business resiliency. How various facets of Cognitive DevOps capabilities bringing in unparalleled efficiencies leveraging new age technology, process, method and tools will be discussed. The topic will also address importance of DevOps Capability Framework, DevOps Design Guiding Principles and DevOps Operating Model coupled with Design Thinking Practices to drive adoption of new business models, responsive operations, actionable insights and orchestrated ecosystems. - Biswajit Mohapatra, Global Integrated Delivery Leader - CIO Advisory, Cloud and Digital Modernization Services, IBM India
Checkout ease of Docker Enterprise Edition(EE) setup on Azure, along with exploring Docker EE capabilities such as Universal Control Pane (UCP), Application scaling and failure mitigation, Layer 7 load balancing, Overlay networking, Application secrets & Application health checks. This will be a technical walkthrough, demonstrating in quick time important Docker EE feature set and effortlessly bringing it up on cloud (Azure) environments. - Devesh Chanchlani, Founder, Agile & DevOps Coach, Steer Lean Consulting
One of the major challenges for "DevOps Transformation" is to build the continuous improvement mindset, by being aware that there are better ways of doing things. To transform the way we work across the Delivery Pipeline, it is necessary to develop the right mindset, ask the right questions and invoke the thought process of every DevOps Engineer. While trying to find ways to solve this challenge, I read variosu books, discussed with experts. What are those best practices that would change the way teams thinks day to day across the deployment pipeline. I have also built a large pictorial representation to offer a bird's-eye view of all these key areas that find in-dept coverage in Continuous Delivery book also. You need to consistently challenge the way they work at each stage of the Delivery Pipeline and be aware that there are always better ways of doing things. - Mangesh Kardbhajne, IT Leader, One of the Largest Financial Institutions
Infrastructure Needed to Put DevOps in Practise - Sagar Bane, VP DevOps, Barclays
Infrastructure as Code is a practice in which traditional infrastructure management techniques are supplemented by or replaced with code based/development techniques to effectively manage configurations for repeatable deployments. AWS allows you ways to provision and manage infrastructure in new ways using CloudFormation service. Organizations often architect hybrid cloud solutions and how provisioning of resources can be achieved using Terraform. - Rahul Gujar, SPC, Coach & DevOps Consultant, KnowledgeHut
Understand an approach which focuses on alignment, provide ways to built-in quality, helps achieve shorter time to market and delivering business value on demand. In this session we will learn about DevOps Radar and how it enables BizDevTestOps implementation. - Nitin Mittal, DevOps Coach, Amdocs
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