Increasing demand to speedily take products and services to the market in the face of intense competition has made it even more challenging for organizations to meet their business goals. As a result it has become much more important to deploy complex applications in order to ensure system robustness and scalability to meet growing demand. DevOps plays a significant role here by coupling development and operations together to achieve a common goal of delivering a quality, reliable software that gives business benefit to all stakeholders.

The Agile Global Event's DevOps conference will be organised in Pune on the June 30, 2017. The conference will feature insightful talks and solution based discussions that will help to understand the concept of DevOps, associated benefits, scrutinise implementation challenges and their solutions. The aim of this conference is to highlight the know-how to ‘switch it on’ i.e put into practice DevOps in your organization.


The conference featured presentation and discussions by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in DevOps implementation challenges and their solutions. The conference presentations was delivered by expert speakers on how DevOps can be successfully used to integrate cross-functional business units for delivering business results more faster in an Agile environment.


A full day event aims to bring together bright minds, leaders, practitioners and professional from the Agile management and software testing domain to discuss tools, techniques, developments and best practices in Agile Testing area which will act as catalyst to deliver excellent business value alongside overcoming challenges.

Friday, 30 June, 2017
Registration and Seating

Opening and Welcome Address: Introduction to DevOps

DevOps continues to mean many things to many people. Ask a hundred people what their definition of DevOps is, and you will get back a hundred and one different responses. More importantly, different stakeholders in an organization think of DevOps for different reasons. For some, DevOps is a way reduces costs. For others, DevOps is a solution for velocity. And for yet others, DevOps is a silver bullet to improve quality. 

In the absence of a consistent definition and a common denominator objectives expectation, it is no wonder that more than half of all enterprise DevOps implementations fail. Most of implementations that are successful fail to realize the full spectrum of benefits from DevOps. Very rarely do enterprise DevOps implementations become catalysts of engineering transformation and organizational impact. 

What then separates successful DevOps implementations from unsuccessful ones? 

There is one foundational element that all successful DevOps implementations have in common. This ingredient is establishing and tracking well-defined DevOps metrics. 

In this session, you will learn –

1.       Why are DevOps metrics important?

2.       How to define and measure key DevOps metrics

3.       Using DevOps metrics to drive executive decisions, organizational change and engineering transformation 

In addition, you will take back a personalized DevOps metrics strategy for yourself, your team and your organization.

- Kapil Apshankar, Chief Architect and Global Leader - Application Modernization, Cognizant
The session will cover:
  • Legacy platforms maintaining the lifeline of business
  • From over-dependence to transformation and hybrid modelling
  • DevOps - Attempt to reduce TTM, service assurance, self-service, automation, collaboration & agility
  • From recce to road map 
  • MVP or POC
  • Execution structure, measurement, reporting
  • Point of failures & mitigation
  • Closure & learnings
  • Q&A
- Sagar Bane, VP DevOps, Barclays
Tea / Coffee Break

Market shifts are fundamentally changing the way businesses approach software driven innovation. Enterprise capability for continuous software delivery enabling organizations to seize market opportunities and reduce time-to-customer feedback. DevOps is becoming a cultural movement to address interconnected, interdependent and instrumented need for digital reinvention. This session will address how every aspect of software delivery will be driven from the principles of validated learning leveraging process, methods and tools increasing the operational awareness of your software through rapid evolution. This session will also cover customer adoption success stories highlighting DevOps in action to address customer digital transformation agenda.

- Biswajit Mohapatra, Global Integrated Delivery Leader - CIO Advisory, Cloud and Digital Modernization Services, IBM India
In any ecosystem, novelty and change comes with it's own share of criticism. The advent of DevOps practices and its inclusion in legacy environments has attracted a mix of opinions. Join us for a 45-minute power-packed panel discussion where DevOps practitioners and experts would examine and present critical perspectives on DevOps in Practice. - Harshpal Gandhi, Director, Delivery Partner, Capgemini - Kapil Apshankar, Chief Architect and Global Leader - Application Modernization, Cognizant - Sagar Bane, VP DevOps, Barclays - Savinder Puri, DevOps CoE Head, Zensar Technologies

DevOps has now matured from being a mere buzzword to a real business differentiator across industries. While the forward looking Google's and Amazon's etc. have mastered the art, majority of large Enterprises are still struggling to implement DevOps and reap its promised benefits. In my experience consulting global clientele, I have observed that a "classic DevOps implementation" is multi-dimensional and a complex maze to crack. I am happy to take you through the journey and introduce you to the 'Devils' who convolute DevOps success. This talk is based on practical, real life experiences from the trenches.

- Ravi Nalle, Solution Architect - DevOps, Zensar Technologies

The ever changing requirements and the shortening of lines between development and testing, DevOps is the solution to bridge the gap that has existed for years. What will constitute nirvana is the ability of teams to envision and execute methods that are decoupled from processes but married tightly to technology. Lean and clean mechanics of the future are dependent on these processes and success to a DevOps project is critically dependent on technology, process and innovation all working hand in hand.

- Harshpal Gandhi, Director, Delivery Partner, Capgemini
What it takes to implement DevOps, what are the needs, and subsequent capabilities needed to fulfil them. How these capabilities fit with each other to form the cogs and gears of an Enterprise DevOps implementation.

- Devesh Chanchlani, Founder, Agile & DevOps Coach, Steer Lean Consulting

Implementation of DevOps in large scale programs can be very challenging. It is a mix of cultural and technical transformation. In this session, we will explore below areas:

1.    Key challenges while scaling DevOps in large programs, how to overcome them.

2.    focus on strategy to build continuous delivery pipeline in large programs.

3.    How to achieve Release on demand

- Nilesh Kulkarni, Enterprise Agile Coach & Change Agent, EdgeVerve
Tea / Coffee

This session is about Automation integration for Functional and Performance verification of applications in CI pipeline. How integration can help in Continuous Delivery and risks associated.

- Parag Bangad, Sr. Test Engineering Architect, Tavisca Solutions

Mirroring the rise of interest in infrastructure as code, there has been a considerable interest in defining builds and pipelines as code,concept allows you to define an entire application life cycle as code.

Pipeline as code for Continuous Delivery (CD) enables organizations to deliver new features to users as fast and efficiently as possible.

The core idea of Pipeline as Code is to create a repeatable, reliable and incrementally improving process for taking software from concept to customer. 

The goal of Pipeline as code is to enable a constant flow of changes into production via an automated software production line. 

The pipeline as code is what makes it all happen.

- Dhiren Shah, DevOps enthusiast & Product Development Manager, Tieto

DevOps is mainly the widening of Agile’s principles to include systems and operations and collaborate together instead of stopping its concerns at code checkin. 

However digital value chain doesn't stop at Ops or start at Development. This Talk focused on how people are moving beyond DevOps boundaries and including holistic perspective. 

The talk also demystifies myths around DevOps as well.

- ShriKant Vashishtha, Agile Consultant, Blogger and Speaker, Malonus
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