Increased use of Agile has created new opportunities and presented challenges at the enterprise level. One of the main challenges is keeping up with the demand to meet excellence in Agile environment. The need for continuous deployment makes it even more challenging for the Agile testers to speedily deliver the expected results. As an outcome, innovation and development is increasingly being fueled in Agile Testing process.

12th in the series of Agile global events, Agile Global Event's DevOps conference will take place in Mumbai on this 10th of November. The conference will feature solution based discussions and presentations that will foster learning and inspiration for breaking Agile testing barriers.


The conference targeted to feature presentation and discussion by recognized thought-leaders who addressed the actual developments and trends in DevOps highlighting implementation challenges and their solutions. The conference presentations by expert speakers made it easier to understand how DevOps can successfully bring about cross-functional business units together for delivering business results faster in an Agile environment.


A full day event for professionals to meet industry peers, exchange knowledge and take away ideas for making the best use of DevOps in practice. Based on the conference theme ‘ Let’s switch it on’, the conference provided an opportunity to learn from industry experts the concept of DevOps and how to implement it in your organizations. Critical challenges faced during implementation and their solutions were addressed. A great platform to meet top solution providers and industry players.
The conference deliberation was based on

  • Understanding DevOps Framework And Its Benefits
  • Examine Criticism Of DevOps Practice 
  • Infrastructure Needed To Put DevOps In Practice 
  • Developments and Latest Trends 
  • DevOps Best Practices And Challenges 
  • DevOps and Testing Performance, Process And Metrics 
  • DevOps and Security
  • Continuous Integration-Deployment Of DevOps
  • The Role Of Leadership In DevOps Implementation
  • DevOps And Security: Cultural Changes To Bring Dev, Sec & Ops Together
  • DevOps and Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps Principles For IT Managers
  • Deliver on Devops With Puppet Application Orchestration
  • DevOps Success: IT Managers are Critical
  • Choosing The Right Tools & Processes For DevOps
  • The Best Team Structure For DevOps Success?
  • Practical Methods For Adopting DevOps

Friday, 10 November, 2017
Registration and Seating

Opening and Welcome Note

- Naveen Kumar Singh , Head of Agile Consulting , Knowledgehut
Making DevOps real at an enterprise scale is faced with different set of challenges and requires a pragmatic approach to make it a success. DevOps implementations vary across customer as there is no prescribed patterns that justify ROI from DevOps investment. Amidst such a challenging environment and uncertainty, how to seed the foundation of DevOps in an enterprise that emphasize an overall outcome

- Sagar Porayil Vadakkinakathu , Associate Director , Cognizant
This talk is for leaders who have already embarked or plan to embark on transforming their organizations into truly agile and devops enterprises. We will delve into leadership traits and behavior that are essential at the executive leadership and middle management levels that are critical to make the transformation successful.

- Hrishikesh Karekar , Director , Capgemini

The DevOps is an ongoing Lean journey, a series of pilots and experiments, are the ones we should be following. While DevOps was born in the world of software, it embraces many aspects of Lean, which began as a way of streamlining manufacturing processes.

DevOps combines the elements of development and operations to create a synergistic and holistic organization that seeks continuous improvement by using technical practices. Lean thinking and management practices can further accelerate DevOps delivery by providing a set of processes and principles to help create value.

Streamlining operations by aligning all members of the organization, as DevOps encourages, while simplifying processes, which is the goal of lean, helps drive business transformation by creating an efficient machine that builds and releases software and services that provide the best value to the customer. DevOps Kaizen has the value stream modern business context of total engagement of all stakeholders (Business, Ops, IT and Infra etc.) valuing small changes as much as the large changes to improve the flow and meet Business outcomes.

- Kiran Rajeshirke , Sr. Champion - India , Project Management Institute



 Right development Practices with the help of Right tools

  - Your first step towards Effective DevOps adoption, faster application ROE, and faster TTD for new features and fixes.



  Security - both application and infrastructure


  Right Dev Practices with right tools


  Right choice of App Frameworks and Architecture

  ( Serverless/Microservices with Graph QL / REST )


  Right choice of hosting platform - Cloud or On-Prem


  Right choice of Monitoring / Logging and Support tools.



 - With Free OSS Tools comes great responsibility to build knowledge-base / know-how within an organization and to contribute back with improvements - G.K.


 Post the discussion of GIT, Some GIT based collaboration platforms - Gitlab and BitBucket + Jira, MS - VSTS will also be covered.



- Karthik Ganapathy , DevOps and Cloud move , Independent Consultant and Trainer
A highly inspirational, decisive and focused leader with 17 years of information technology experience across organizations in Financial Services, Digital Payments & Gateways, Digital Commerce, Integration & Implementations with a strong passion towards technology, managed large technology transformations, enabled innovation, agility, increased productivity and delivery quality across large organizations/fortune clients
- Vinoth Sivam TS , Engineering Head for Enterprise Mobility & DevOps , ICICI
An interactive group discussion and learning session

An interactive group discussion and learning session

Introduction to dockers and learn to build & run your app. Then we step up to scale its services and deploy services across multiple machines. And how to deploy your swarm in production.
- Joel Divekar , Director Of DevOps , Startup

Conclusion & Thank You Note


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