Increasing demand to speedily take products and services to the market in the face of intense competition has made it even more challenging for organizations to meet their business goals. As a result it has become much more important to deploy complex applications in order to ensure system robustness and scalability to meet growing demand. DevOps plays a significant role here by coupling development and operations together to achieve a common goal of delivering a quality, reliable software that gives business benefit to all stakeholders.

The Agile Global Event's DevOps conference will take place in Bangalore on the 26th of May 2017. The conference will feature insightful talks and solution based discussions that will help to understand the concept of DevOps, associated benefits, scrutinise implementation challenges and their solutions. The aim of this conference is to highlight the know-how to ‘switch it on’ i.e put into practice DevOps in your organization.


The conference highlights keynotes by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in DevOps implementation challenges and their solutions. The conference presentations by expert speakers made it easier to understand how DevOps can successfully bring cross-functional business units together for delivering business results rapidly in the Agile environment.


A full day event for professionals to meet their industry peers, exchange knowledge and take away ideas for implementing DevOps in practice. Based on the conference theme ‘Let’s switch it on’, this conference provided an opportunity to learn from industry experts the concept of DevOps and how to implement it in your organizations. Critical challenges faced during implementation, and their solutions was address. A great platform to meet top-solution providers and industry players in this domain.

Friday, 26 May, 2017
Opening & Welcome Note - Naveen Kumar Singh , Head of Agile Consulting , Knowledgehut

Adoption of agile methods led to moving away from the "small waterfall". However, in several cases, it simply moved the constraint further downstream, and the overall system lifecycle still looked like a "big waterfall" when zoomed out at fifty thousand feet! Any local gains from agile methods were effectively negated by the inability of operations to resonate at the same frequency as development. DevOps movement started in response to the need to align development and operations, and is now widely considered as the table stakes for modern software development. However, is DevOps limited to just being the tools for technical folks, or is there an opportunity to build it as a strategic capability? Does having a world-class DevOps infrastructure necessarily lead to superlative business results? In this talk, we shall examine what a business needs from a capability like DevOps. A better understanding of the business drivers will help teams understand the deliverables priority better.

- Tathagat Varma , Country Head , ChinaSoft International
DevOps is a movement in the IT industry to transform from plan-driven, release focused delivery to goal-driven, continuous delivery. This transformation is enterprise wide part of Global Agile and touches almost all departments of our clients business, e.g. from management team responsibilities, to planning and budgeting processes of the lines of business, infrastructure and application departments or partners. But above all, it invades the way of working, communication, the culture of the organization. 

Every client has its own business needs and therefore an own target maturity level, overall or detailed per category. The maturity model is to be used to define where you are, and can be used as inspiration for the place to be. Use it wisely. The DevOps maturity model contains aspects of both directions. Organization would mature along an adoption path by adopting new practices and supporting technologies. It is important to understand that to achieve a level maturity in an adoption path, an organization may have to also mature in other, dependent practices.

Key take away of session will be 
  • Connecting the dots with DevOps Atoms
  • DevOps as Part of Global Agile
  • DevOps Assessment and Roadmap Steps
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Assessment Grid
  • DevOps Maturity Model 
  • DevOps Continuous Delivery Maturity Steps
  • DevOps Roadmap Sample Outcome
- Ashok Kumar Mysore , Head – APAC MIG Business Excellence | Head – India Agile & DevOps COE , CGI

In any ecosystem, novelty and change comes with it's own share of criticism. The advent of DevOps practices and its inclusion in legacy environments has attracted a mix of opinions. Join us for a 45-minute power-packed panel discussion where DevOps practitioners and experts would examine and present critical perspectives on DevOps in Practice.

- Vijayalakshmi Venkataraman , Digital Delivery Head for ENU & Consumer Markets , Wipro Digital
DevOps has been viewed by many as just a means towards collaboration between Dev & Ops. As part of this session, the speaker would bring in the importance of DevOps in Digital Transformation age. Speaker links the impact of expanding Digital footprint on the need for enterprise level DevOps implementation. Towards the end of the session, participants will be able to appreciate the bigger role of DevOps in an organisation’s business transformation roadmap.

- Vijayalakshmi Venkataraman , Digital Delivery Head for ENU & Consumer Markets , Wipro Digital
Do you wish to see Continuous Delivery in action?  Do you wish to know how to apply the theoretical concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in practice?  Join me in the hands-on demonstration of a Continuous Delivery pipeline using a web application example.

Key Takeaways:
  • Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery Pipeline Setup using Jenkins
  • Feature Toggles
  • How CD requires changes in ways of work
  • Continuous Deployment - Needs & Demo
- Vivek Ganesan , Agile Change Agent , SolutionsIQ Accenture
Behaviour Driven Testing in DevOps

- Naveen Kumar Singh , Head of Agile Consulting , Knowledgehut
In recent years businesses have adopted automated infrastructure provisioning and deployment to deliver business value and experience. Yet, not surprisingly, often organizations end up achieving continuous deployment, not continuous delivery and fail to differentiate between the two. This talk explores the key difference and presents a "doers' perspective" on the missing perspective that in spite of continuous deployment pipelines leave businesses wanting for more while operating inefficiently.
- Priyank Gupta , Polyglot Solution Architect , Sahaj Software Solutions
This talk is about why DevOps, and not what’s DevOps, Why big corporations need to embrace it? In this session, we will walk through case which will help leadership to think differently and get inspired to lead the change.

- Ranjith Tharayil , Leader - Agile Technical Practices , Accenture SolutionsIQ
Conclusion & Thank You Note


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