Since the publication in 2001, of the then controversial document The Agile Manifesto , organisations have adopted, some or many of the recommendations for better ways of meeting deadlines and satisfying customers. While a few organisations are still with the waterfall method of practice, most others have embraced the agile as “the new normal”.

Now, over a decade and half later, let us see how much of the adoptions of the core statements :

“Individuals and interactions over process and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan”

…… have been achieved and helped establishing a faster and practical way of getting things done.

DevOps too is an enterprise capability and as the name suggests development and operation-based way of working that includes stakeholders, business owners, architecture, design, development, quality assurance, operations, security, partners and suppliers.

This one day event will have two parallel tracks covering Agile and DevOps via experience sharing and real life scenarios.


The conference targets to feature presentation and discussion sessions by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in Agile & DevOps  highlighting implementation challenges and their solutions. The conference presentations by expert speakers will make it easier to understand how Agile & DevOps  can successfully bring cross-functional business units together for delivering business results speedily in the Agile environment.


A full day event for professionals to meet their industry peers, exchange knowledge and take away ideas for making best use of Agile & DevOps practice. Based on the conference theme ‘ Let’s switch it on’, this conference provides an opportunity to learn from industry experts the concept of Agile & DevOps  and how to implement it in your organizations. Get to know critical challenges faced during implementation, and their solutions. This is a great platform to meet top solution providers and industry players in this domain.
The conference deliberation would be based on but not restricted to the following topics:

  • Agile Topics to be covered:


    ·         How to bring Agile to other sectors outside software

    ·         Advanced Agile concepts

    ·         Actual implementation of Agile / SAFe

    ·         Agile Portfolio Management

    ·         Resource Management in Agile

    ·         The future of business Analysis in Agile

    ·         Scaling Agile.

    ·         Agile Maturity


    DevOps Topics to be covered


    ·         Building a DevOps Culture

    ·         DevOps and Software Development

    ·         DevOps and SysOps

    ·         DevOps Leadership

    ·         DevOps Security

    ·         DevOps Skills

    ·         DevOps Software Testing

    ·         DevOps vs. Other Development Methodologies

Friday, 23 March, 2018
Registration and Seating
Registration and Seating
How to Bring Agile to Other Sectors Outside Software
The future of business Analysis in Agile

DevOps and Software Development

DevOps Software Testing
Round Table Discussion




Super Early Bird USD 300 Registration ends on 26 January, 2018 SOLD OUT
Early Bird USD 400 Registration ends on 23 February, 2018
Standard Price USD 500 Registration ends on - 23 March,2018
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*Registration pass is inclusive of full day access to the conference program, along with refreshments and executive lunch.

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