Over last few years Testing has been accepted as an early activity in the software development lifecycle. This was predominantly due to the widespread adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies by organizations across the globe. The goal was to get their apps faster to the market. Over the 2017-18 we have seen an increase in the use of virtualization and service oriented architecture along with cloud computing that led to many testing tool vendors vying for the market space in the testing arena. This conference brings to you the industry best practice needed for Agile Testing and test Automation.


The Agile Testing and Automation Day 2018 will be taking place in Hong Kong on June 22, with a focus on the software testing best practices and solutions to overcome challenges in the Agile testing environment. The conference will be a key meeting place for the software testing professionals and enthusiast having an eye to learn the latest in the Agile Testing domain. 


The conference featured industry experts sharing real time experiences and thought leadership on some of the vital and latest topics in the Agile Testing domain. Their presentation topic and level of industry experience fills a specific gap in the field, making it easier to understand the major Agile testing challenges, and knowing how to overcome them.


Friday, 22 June, 2018
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Opening and Welcome Note
-Why Agile? -What is Agile Testing? -Proactive vs Reactive -Best Practices -What now? - Eric Byron, Consultant, Agile and Business
This session will help us understand on how we equip a traditional tester with essential skills, knowledge and mindset to become an agile tester. - Lee Yui Cheung, Senior Software Quality Analyst - Test Execution and Automation Team Lead, Ahsay Systems Corporation Limited
Not every test suits for test automation so it needs some techniques when choosing some right test sets for test automation. Test automation adds lots of value to companies and their workforce and we will speak about the techniques, the process to drive to success, and benefit of it. About Test Metrics, many clients ask about what metrics to use by showing effort they contribute into testing and validation from requirement gathering, development and testing. We will share some useful metrics and techniques to you. - Dora Tse, Founder and Principal Consultant, Explora Consulting - Gauri Nyati, Senior Consultant, Explora Consulting
When to start Test Automation - Amit Shukla, Head of Testing-APAC, Vf Corporation
Teams adopted pair programming and test-driven development often deliver higher quality code and features that provides what the customer wanted, while many other development teams struggle to adopt them. In this session, we will dissect the benefits of BDD, TDD, Pairing, Mobbing, Swarming and how they fit together in development workflow. We will also explore how to get development and management buy-in to try and adopt these powerful collaboration and development methodology that enhance productivity. - Beda Tse, Senior Consultant / Scrum Master, PALO IT
Agile Testing and benefits - what can we achieve in Agile Testing. Challenges and solution of Agile Testing - identify challenges in Agile Testing and learn how to overcome those. Moving forward with Agile (IoT-Internet of Things) - explore the future of Agile in IoT (Internet of Things). - Shikha Pareek, Senior QA Engineer, WiZ Connected
DevOps is the next level after Agile, in which QA is no longer the bottleneck between development and operations.  We will discuss the best practices of test automation to achieve high velocity delivery. - Teresa Cheung, Managing Director, Eurofins Digital Testing
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