Over last few years Testing has been accepted as an early activity in the software development lifecycle. This was predominantly due to the widespread adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies by organizations across the globe. The goal was to get their apps faster to the market. Over the 2017-18 we have seen an increase in the use of virtualization and service oriented architecture along with cloud computing that led to many testing tool vendors vying for the market space in the testing arena. This conference brings to you the industry best practice needed for Agile Testing and test Automation.


The Agile Testing and Automation Day 2018 will be taking place in Bangalore on March 23, with a focus on the software testing best practices and solutions to overcome challenges in the Agile testing environment. The conference will be a key meeting place for the software testing professionals and enthusiast having an eye to learn the latest in the Agile Testing domain.


The conference features industry experts sharing real time experiences and thought leadership on some of the vital and latest topics in the Agile Testing domain. Their presentation topic and level of industry experience fills a specific gap in the field, making it easier to understand the major Agile testing challenges, and knowing how to overcome them.


Friday, 23 March, 2018
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Opening and Welcome Note

“What does Automation mean to you” - Ashwinee Kalkura, Head - Agile & SAFe Consulting, KnowledgeHut
“Ground realities of testers in Agile projects?” - Rahul Verma, Founder & Chief Testing Officer, Test Mile Software Testing Pvt Ltd
“Quality in the Cloud Era” - Ashfaq Ahmed, Head of Quality- Digital Intelligence, Nokia
“The Drop Of Blood Of An Agile Team” - Vishal Venkatesan, Enterprise Agile Coach, Mindtree
“Quality Control as a Constraint” - Sharath Chandra, Test Manager, GalaxE Solutions India Pvt Ltd
- Ashwinee Kalkura, Head - Agile & SAFe Consulting, KnowledgeHut
“Arjuna - Reinventing the Test Automation Wheels” - Rahul Verma, Founder & Chief Testing Officer, Test Mile Software Testing Pvt Ltd
“I’m a Tester – What should I do now?” - Jerry Rajamoney, Senior Program Manager, Visa
“Agile Testing Metric” - karthik k, Sr. Project Manager, Sumeru Enterprise




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