Over last few years Testing has been accepted as an early activity in the software development lifecycle. This was predominantly due to the widespread adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies by organizations across the globe. The goal was to get their apps faster to the market. Over the 2016-17 we have seen an increase in the use of virtualization and service oriented architecture along with cloud computing that led to many testing tool vendors vying for the market space in the testing arena. This conference brings to you the industry best practice needed for Agile Testing and test Automation.


The Agile Testing and Automation Day 2018 will be taking place in Toronto on this June 15 with a focus on the software testing best practices and solutions to overcome challenges in the Agile testing environment. The conference will be a key meeting place for the software testing professionals and enthusiast having an eye to learn the latest in the Agile Testing domain.


The conference features industry experts sharing real time experiences and thought leadership on some of the latest and most vital topics in the Agile Testing domain. Their presentation topic and level of industry experience fills a specific gap in the field, making it easier to understand the major Agile testing challenges, and knowing how to overcome them.


Friday, 15 June, 2018
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Testing Today’s Applications in Digital world: Tools you can use
Trends in Test Automation: Framework, Cloud and Scripting
Test Automation Strategies and Frameworks in Agile Testing
Progressive Automation in Agile
While current non-intelligent and mostly linear test automation codes are able to help in time and cost saving in software testing by reducing human role to some extent, the challenges of test reliability, and the constant need for test maintenance are always serious issues. This is where adding intelligence will help to better simulate a real human-like experience in testing. In this speech, we will discuss how AI technology minimizes the flaky tests, increases test coverage and improves reliability. We will talk about intelligent image processing and machine learning systems as examples of Artificial Intelligence, discussing its cons and pros in the future of Test Automation. - Armin Rajaee, Test Automation Developer, Scotiabank
There are two main approaches to writing automated tests. The Test-Driven approach and the Behavior-Driven approach. In today’s Agile world, many product owners or business analysts have issues understanding tests written by the automation developer and this creates a communication gap and other issues. This is where BDD comes in to bridge that gap with its easy to understand syntax. In the session, I will give an introduction to BDD and its syntax. I will also go through an example that outlines the syntax and the implementation in one of the popular frameworks. - Nabeel Ibrahim, Quality Engineer, Slalom Consulting
Quality Assurance & Testing is crucial and fulfills a critical role in any digital transformation journey. It’s essential for organizations that are dealing with a digital transformation to have an appropriate digital Quality assurance strategy, by identifying the right tools, methodologies and measures to assure customer experience and make the QA organization future ready. QA Trend we will focus in near future:- o Open source will push commercial tool innovation o Buckle up: You'll need new skills o The role of visual comparison tools may diminish o In 2019, it's all about speed o Continuous testing will cause tool consolidation o broad trends(AI/BlockChain,Internet of Things (IoT)) affect on Automation testing. Software development and testing need to continue to adapt. The importance of testing is growing as development cycles need to become shorter to keep up with the relentless demand for quality. - Prashant Nayak, Automation Test Lead, TELUS Digital
At Flipp, when we make code changes, we need to know if we broke anything ASAP. The most effective way to currently do this is to build a continuous integration environment for your teams, to automatically run all your tests (unit, integration, and the like) on all code changes, and provide easy to read test results. In this talk, we will explore a combination of Git, Python, Allure, and Jenkins to build and deliver a very fast and scalable continuous delivery pipeline. This talk will include practical examples and lessons learned in building a CI for Rest API testing. - Dragan Rakas, Senior Software Engineer in Test, Flipp
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