Increased use of Agile has created new opportunities and presented challenges at the enterprise level. One of the main challenges is keeping up with the demand to meet excellence in the Agile environment. The need for continuous deployment makes it even more challenging for Agile testers to speedily deliver the expected results. As an outcome, the need for innovation and development is increasingly being fueled in the Agile Testing process.

Fourth in the series of Agile global events, the Agile testing conference was organised in Hyderabad on 21st of April, 2017. The conference featured solution based discussions and presentations that fostered learning and inspiration for breaking Agile testing barriers.


The conference featured industry experts sharing real time experiences and thought leadership on some of the vital and latest topics in the Agile Testing domain. The speaker's presentation topic and level of industry experience filled a specific gap in the field, making it easier to understand the major Agile testing challenges and knowing how to overcome them.


Curated on the theme ‘Breaking Barriers, Meeting Excellence’- a full day event that brought together bright minds, leaders, practitioners and professionals from the Agile management and software testing domain to discuss tools, techniques, developments and best practices in Agile Testing area, to deliver excellent business value while overcoming challenges.The Conference deliberations was based on but not restricted to the following topics:

  • Overcoming Agile testing challenges using automation technique
  • Tips and tricks for improving Agile Testing Results 
  • Continuous integration testing: Challenges and solutions
  • Agile testing and Quality assurance
  • Test Automation Frameworks – understanding concept and tools
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) – tools and techniques 
  • Automated Regression Testing challenges in Agile Environment
  • Agile Testing in the Cloud environment
  • The emerging trends in Agile Testing
  • Agile Testing, Test Automation & QA Challenges
  • Meeting Quality excellence in Agile Testing 
  • Testing in Agile Projects
  • Agile Test Strategies for success
  • Agile Automation Testing - Challenges and Benefits
  • Agile Testing - Principles and Best practices
  • Role and Skills of a Tester in Agile Team
  • Mindset shift - Traditional Testing Vs Agile Testing
  • Agile testing - Methods, techniques and Tools
  • Risk based testing in Agile
  • Continuous delivery in Agile Testing Cycles

Friday, 21 April, 2017

Opening & Welcome Note

- Nanda Lankalapalli , Certified Scrum Trainer , Power Agile
Agile Testing has come a long way, and with it brought in newer ways of working, thinking, learning, and delivering the tested software. This is more significant when the industry is going through Digital Transformation and DevOps is becoming the new normal. The session will focus on discussing the following:
  • What is Agile Testing? And, how is the Trio of Value, Velocity and Visibility leveraged?
  • How do we measure the value of agile testing?
  • How are organizations transforming into Agile testing?
  • What are the typical challenges / constraints in adoption?
  • Few insights / experiences
- Rajendra Prasad Thota , Transformation Leader, Global Practice Head - Advisory & Transformation , Cigniti Technologies
The main theme of the session is focused on taking you through a practical journey of how we had set up dual shore large testing assignment using an agile approach. The journey becomes more challenging when we need to manage diverse cultural aspects, movement from waterfall to agile transformation and dual shore difficulties for setting up an agile project.We will share our valuable experience of such agile transformation and methodology. We shall also showcase some of the tools and techniques that was used to address such challenges. 

In this session we will showcase few of the key challenges and obstacles we encountered in setting up and execution of such projects. We shall also dwell on the solutions we adopted to overcome these challenges.
- Shatadru Dutta , Practice Manager, Pre Sales Head - South Africa and Leading Agile Testing as a part of Testing Prac , Zensar Technologies
This session would be focused on estimations. We provide some estimations daily, even though we are confused and really not confident while providing estimations or afraid of providing estimations as we think that our estimations might be wrong. 

Especially in agile, teams are confused with “Hour estimation Vs Size estimation” what to do and when to do. If we need to estimate in size, then how?

With help of a game, we will try to understand estimations and what is the size of some feature/story? Is it 2, 3, or 20? What does that number mean?
- Manoj Tiwari , Manager Software Engineering , OpenText
Mindshift: Traditional testing vs. agile testing - Nilotpal Das , Architect , Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Agile Game Session
- Madhavi Ledalla , Agile Coach , Consultant
Explore where we are and where we're headed in Agile Testing. 60 minutes of power panel discussion to find out latest trends and current happenings in Agile Testing that are shaping the future of this domain and what we could expect next. This session will definitely offer food for thought and lot of valuable inputs for those involved in Agile testing. - Suresh Konduru , Director, Global Agile Practice Lead , Capgemini
Round Table Discussion - An interactive group discussion and learning session. - Arshiya Sultana , Enterprise Agile & Lean Coach , KnowledgeHut
Conclusion & Thank You Note


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