Over last few years Testing has been accepted as an early activity in the software development lifecycle. This was predominantly due to the widespread adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies by organizations across the globe. The goal was to get their apps faster to the market. Over the 2017-18 we have seen an increase in the use of virtualization and service oriented architecture along with cloud computing that led to many testing tool vendors vying for the market space in the testing arena. This conference brings to you the industry best practice needed for Agile Testing and test Automation.

The Agile Testing and Automation Day 2018 will be taking place in Singapore on this October 26, 2018 with a focus on the software testing best practices and solutions to overcome challenges in the Agile testing environment. The conference will be a key meeting place for the software testing professionals and enthusiast having an eye to learn the latest in the Agile Testing domain.


The conference features industry experts sharing real time experiences and thought leadership on some of the latest and most vital topics in the Agile Testing domain. Their presentation topic and level of industry experience fills a specific gap in the field, making it easier to understand the major Agile testing challenges, and knowing how to overcome them.


Friday, 26 October, 2018
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Opening Talk and Welcome Note
Evidence - what really did get tested and can one prove it? - Tim Carpenter, Director - Head, Test Engineering, Standard Chartered Bank
Trends in Test Automation: Framework, Cloud and Scripting
Often people are not clear on how Agile and DevOps fit together and the culture change for developers. A key component of DevOps is test automation which is key from automated unit test, to Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery. They are very complementary, and often adopting Agile is the driver for the introduction of DevOps and test automation in an organization. In this talk I will share from my experience as an enterprise Agile & DevOps coach (working in the Singapore financial services sector), DevOps enthusiast, and blogger (Auspicious Agile) how Agile and DevOps are completely complementary, and the culture change that takes place in organizations and development teams. We will also explore why test automation is such a key and core component of Agile / DevOps. I think that many practitioners of DevOps / test automation wish to better understand how Agile fits into the picture and vice versa (Agile practitioners want to better understand DevOps). Some attendees may not have considered previously how Agile, DevOps, and test automation work in a complementary way, and this talk may open up new "food for thought". DevOps culture change and principles like Gene Kim’s “Three Ways” - Flow, Feedback, and Continuous Learning, are key to successful use of DevOps, test automation and CI/CD. I think the talk will be valuable to a great number of attendees. - GJohn Okoro, Head of Agile Practice, Orbium
Test Automation Strategies and Frameworks in Agile Testing - Majid Bhatti, Programme Director / Agile Coach, DBS Bank
Robotic process automation (RPA) has been found to be useful for tasks that involve structured digital data, follow pre-defined rules testing. However, software testing tools without Artificial Intelligence (AI) is difficult to maintain and scale. Some test scenarios are so diverse that there are hundreds or thousands of combinations and decision points. Rules may be difficult to define at times. Will your test project then be doomed for failure? Bring in A.I. (artificial intelligence) to complement the conventional testing tool features, so that you can handle more than just simple structured data and simple decision making. This talk will shed light on how you can harness the prowess of A.I. to make your testing projects cover greater scope to bring more impact and success. - Christopher Lim, CEO/Co-founder, Glee Trees Pte Ltd
"2 years ago we started our journey in Digital Transformation in Data Group. It wasn't trivial task as changes needed to be done in both technology and new cultural change inside organisation and teams. Any transformation can not be done only by pushed from outside, we needed to find a way to educate teams and create new bread of Agile and technologist champions inside the organisation that can continuously drive changes needed. I will share my experience ""failures and successes"" as a DevOps leader for Data Group, What did I learn and how can I do it better next time. " - Ion Mudreac, Technology Lead Digital Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
BDD is not just gherkin… writing specifications is not necessarily BDD. So, what is this deal with BDD that remains hidden in plain sight? This talk explores the origin, beliefs and advantages of applying BDD to product development. And some live coding will serve as the cherry on the cake. In times of product development at scale, with multiple distributed teams, and varied styles of coding and testing, readability and maintainability of code are prime casualties. Moreover how does one measure the value quotient of the product? Behavior driven development (BDD) is a practice that bridges the gap between business needs and technical implementation by enabling the business users, development and quality engineers to collaborate in ubiquitous language, with focus on value delivery. The focus areas of this proposed session are enriching collaboration, transparency, code quality and ways to develop products that deliver value. - Ritesh Mehrotra, Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse AG
Test Metrics: What’s working and how to demonstrate value of Testing?
Automated testing pipeline – how much testing is enough
DevOps Testing Automation Framework
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