Increased use of Agile has created new opportunities and presented challenges at the enterprise level. One of the main challenges is keeping up with the demand to meet excellence in the Agile environment. The need for continuous deployment makes it even more challenging for Agile testers to speedily deliver the expected results. As an outcome, the need for innovation and development is increasingly being fueled in the Agile Testing process.

The Agile Deep Dive conference was organized in Thiruvanathapuram on 1st of November, 2017. The conference featured solution based discussions and presentations that fostered learning and inspiration for breaking Agile barriers.


The conference targets to feature presentation and discussion sessions by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in the world of Agile. The conference presentations by expert speakers will highlight Agile implementation challenges and their solutions making it easier to understand how Agile methodology can successfully deliver business results speedily as per the plan.



Wednesday, 01 November, 2017
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Opening Talk and Welcome Note

Lightning Talks: Agile & DevOps – The roadmap ahead!

·         IT Agility – need for Business and IT

·         Components of IT Agility

·         Agile SDLC Optimization Journey

·         Stages of Agile Adoption

·         Agile maturity – operating model

·         Agile success factors

·         Agile business engagement factors

·         Scaling methods and frameworks

·         Enterprise key metrics and KPIs

- Santhosh Udayanan , Associate Director , EY Global Delivery Services
Ms. Padma priya is going to talk about "What's new in SAFe 4.5"

- Padma Priya Devarajan , IC-Agile Accredited Agile Coach trainer , KnowledgeHut

In software development activity, testing has always been a developmental subject. In this era of emerging vogue in the IT business, the importance to sophisticatedly understand, manage and adopt the QA activities is growing. With the inception of Agile and DevOps, a huge change is scrutinized in software development cycles attempted by the organizations. Diversified methods are in place to enforce software quality assurance. Software development cycles have become short and quick that, test engineers face new challenges everyday as they endeavour to keep the pace.

This is where test automation has gained its importance.  It helps in improving the test coverage without affecting the delivery date of the project. The paper talks about a comprehensive test automation tool which automates all the QA activities from static testing to non functional testing.

In this quick world, the teams surpassingly face bi-weekly sprint releases, testing is often neglected or kept on sidelines, due to less time or cost constrains. It has been always a challenge for the testing team to continuously preserve and enhance the quality and efficiency of software products. Software test automations buckets many benefits such as optimization of speed, frequency of execution, cost effectiveness, test coverage, quality, accuracy and adaptability. Automated software testing can increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve software quality.  Once created, automated tests can run over and over again at no additional cost and they are faster than manual tests. Automated software testing can reduce the time to run repetitive tests from days to hours.  Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed.  It can simulate tens, hundreds or thousands of virtual users interacting with a network, software and web applications.

NeTAF is primarily an end to end quality control framework. It greases the wheels for almost all kinds of desired testing of a software product in an automated environment. The test teams will no longer require huge head count to perform end-to-end testing of a software product starting from static analysis to load\performance testing of the final end product. NeTAF is a comprehensive framework, capable of housing all testing activities like automated functional testing, load testing, code coverage analysis and static analysis, initiated and controlled by automated scripts. It integrates industry available best tools into the automation framework

Agile as the term indicates is a dynamic way of working in teams.  Testing becomes an essential component in each and every phase of the developmental process, in this fashion of work where  quality being “baked in” to a product at every stage of its development through constant feedback from everyone holding a vision of the final product. In simpler words, most of the time in agile testing a quality feedback is expected on the daily development activities. Here, management expects the testing team to run quality checks on a daily/weekly builds which will prove to be a burden on QA teams. QA teams often have to climb the Everest in a short time and compromises on the quality would be a by-product. NeTAF plays a key role in such stage plays, where end-to-end testing can be scheduled and automated.

- Balamurali Lakshmanan , Director - Quality & Testing , SFO Technologies Pvt Ltd
# The whole point of moving to Agile is for better quality and higher output
 # Unless we measure and monitor and take the needed steps to increase productivity and quality, there is a risk that like other conventional project models, Agile also may get a hit down the lane
 # Its in this aspect the need to know where you are and how you can improve comes focus
 # We need to capture story points, velocity, reliability, productivity and quality and then assess based on this sprint over sprint to see that we make continual progress
 # Quantitative analysis and sharing the same with customer increases visibility and customer satisfaction as well

- Reji Thomas Mathew , Delivery Manager , Trivand Technologies
Gokul will be presenting the summary of our insights in building an Innovation Lab Network and Ecosystem with a new creative convergent culture.

- Gokul Alex , Senior Manager – Business Innovation , UST Global

Automated Testing is a core activity of any agile development methodology. As we move towards continuous deployment, test automation becomes ever more important due to the quick response that it provides to the development team about the health of the application.

In order to get this quick feedback, automated tests need to be executed continuously, should be fast and test results should be consistent and reliable.

- Srihari Ramaraju , Test Analyst , IBS Software Services
Conclusion & Thank You Note


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