Over past few years, more software development teams have been adopting agile and lean methods to deliver better quality products at fast pace. Despite best efforts, it has been observed that missing deadlines and churning out buggy software product continues. 

Join us at the Agile Deep Dive Conference on November 10, 2017 in Pune, India as we explore the best possible solutions and best practices that will make Agile in practice experience rewarding. The conference features insightful sessions taking deep dive in Agile Methodology with a focus on the Agile implementation challenges and success across key areas such as engineering, technology, leadership, cultural and change management.

The Agile Deep Dive is a must event for agile development teams, agile coaches and project/program managers & Leads and agile enthusiast.


The conference targeted to feature presentation and discussion sessions by recognized thought-leaders addressed the actual developments and trends around the world of Agile. The conference presentations made by expert speakers highlighted Agile implementation challenges and their solutions making it easier to understand how Agile methodology can successfully deliver business results faster as per the plan.



Friday, 10 November, 2017
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Srinivas Chillara | Director and Principal Consultant | CeeZone Consulting

You may probably recognize the situation when a requirements professional is assigned to a new, challenging, agile project. As Scrum does not know the role of a Requirements Engineer (RE) or Business Analyst (BA), the requirements professional will either become the Product Owner or be part of the Scrum Team (which consists of members with cross-functional know-how). Either way, the activities of requirements engineering will be executed in some way in an agile environment: that is handling requirements, often associated with user stories, eliciting needs from various stakeholders, documenting them accordingly, negotiating them and achieving acceptance and finally dealing with changes. There is definitely a lot going on with requirements in Agile projects. Sometimes, you may not recognize that a practice used is nothing other than the basic method such as prioritisation; it becomes even more important and may be performed in a very similar way to traditional approaches (e.g. single-criterion classification or the Kano model), even if the result is represented as a sorted Product Backlog. In this session , the speaker will make some propositions about practices of the four major activities of requirements engineering (elicitation, documentation, validation, management) that may be implemented in a Scrum environment. This will be done by virtue of ellicting differences between the classic way of requirements engineering versus requirements engineering done in the Agile way published in the speaker's article at:https://www.scrumalliance.org/community/articles/2017/august/requirements-engineering.aspx

- Girish Khemani , Vice President , Mastercard
Servant Leadership by its meaning and definition is not new for India. It has its history deeply rooted in BC's and is being practiced till today, knowingly or unknowingly. Servant leadership was being practiced from thousands of years but got a specific importance now with advent of Agile Frameworks and specifically Scrum.Servant leadership in corporates vanished with emergence of classical management theory. This presentation we will try to understand basics of Servant Leadership with examples which are relevant to todays leadership in corporates. This is applicable to small teams to big corporates. We will understand each aspect from history and will relate it to todays scenario to understand it deeply. This presentation will focus on aspects of Servant Leadership, Its implementation and benefits in different scenarios.

- Vijay Wade , External Agile & Kanban coach , iNautix Technologies

Increasing complexity of modern technology and modern business have resulted in customers choosing products and services solely based on the quality of the experiences they have with them. An approach known as "Design Thinking" is playing a greater role in achieving this aspect. Design thinking is a human-centric, discovery validation, iterative prototype-testing and out-of-box experimentation that employs various analytical and creative approaches to generate test ideation approaches.

This session starts with the introduction to Design Thinking adopted by Stanford, IDEO and Google and than focuses the spotlight onto testing and culminates with what I hope would lead you to think differently in a non-linear way while performing the role of a Quality Engineer bringing the human aspect to the upcoming artificial intelligence bots era of Information Technology. 

- Rahul Gangwal , AVP - iGTB Europe Testing CoE , Intellect Design Arena Ltd
Building Road-map for Scaling Agile

- Sandeep Yadav , Director , OOM Pvt Ltd/ Agile NextG
These days there is lot of dynamics in the industry, things are changing rapidly. Gone are the days where it used to take over a year for a new version to come. Things are changing rapidly so the software deliveries are also becoming rapid to meet the pace. Its not possible to deliver product release with older way of doing things and Agile model has helped to react to rapid changing model. It has brought in lot of good things like empowering teams to make decisions, collaboration, innovation and deliver in small meaningful chunks.
Also it has eliminated micromanagement/command and control leadership aspect. It may sound like easy to adapt to new things however its not easy to adapt to Agile model. Though Agile trainings are given on the process/tools/techniques, still some people follow old ways of micromanagement/command control. This does not serve the purpose of entire Agile model and the chances of failing it increases. Its not about training people on tools and process, its all about the mindset. In Agile you need right mindset at leadership level to make it successful for the team. Though everyone knows how the mindset is important however when it comes to implementing at larger teams it becomes difficult. I will be talking about Agile leadership and how it can be implemented successful at every level in the organization with the mindset to make teams successful.

- Prashant Lambat , Founder Director , Vorbicon Technologies


We all want to become good agile coach. But what does that mean?  How do you get better outcome from your agile coaching sessions? In this session, participants will experience how to improve outcome of your coaching session. Some areas we will focus in this session are output Vs outcome, why, what, how of coaching, how to make coaching outcome etc.

Learning objectives:

What is agile coaching?

What is output and outcome?

Agile coach and results of the team - what is the connection?

Are you doing coaching/training/consulting?

Coaching anti-patterns and how to overcome.

- Nilesh Kulkarni , Enterprise Agile Coach & Change Agent , EdgeVerve

Building a real-(mobile)-device lab for Test Automation is NOT a common thing – it is difficult, high maintenance, expensive! Yet, I had to do it!

Attend this talk to understand the Why, What and How I built my own MAD-LAB (Mobile Automation Devices LAB). The discussion will include –

¬ Understanding the context,

¬ Why no cloud-based solution worked for me,

¬ The automation strategy for Android / iOS / Web platform,

¬ The tech-stack (cucumber-jvm / Appium), and,

¬ The core implementation to build your own MAD-LAB! (already open-sourced)

- Anand Bagmar , Director - Quality , Vuclip Inc.

An interactive group discussion and learning session

- Srinivas Chillara , Director and Principal Consultant , CeeZone Consulting
Conclusion & Thank You Note


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